Practical Information


Mini-trails for children aged 3 to 10 years, supervised starts in waves from 2pm on Saturday.
Free registration on-site only.
From 1pm

The dormitory

This will be in the Ostermeyer sports hall and is reserved from 9pm on Friday for runners competing in the Ultra, on Saturday evening priority will be given to runners participating in the 60km and Défi events and to the later finishers of the Ultra.
Attention: don’t forget your sleeping bag and at least a floor mat - there are no camp beds.
Starts for the 34km and 60km events take place in Tancarville le Haut. Bibs will be handed out in the Salle Polyvalente. Arrow signs will guide you, and coaches will drop you at this point.

Food: the pasta party will be served from 6.30pm to 8.30pm on Saturday, prior to the start of the Radinoctrail. Service will be maintained for the later finishers of the Ultra. Low-cost fast food service will be available all weekend from Friday evening onwards.


Staying in the dormitory?...
Breakfast is provided - simple but generous!
It will be served from 5am on Saturday and from 6am on Sunday in the Salle des Aulnes; the charge is €3; don’t forget to tick the box on the registration form.

Distribution of bibs

For the Ultra: from 5pm to 9pm on Friday for the Ultra only, with registered bag drop, and from 5am on Saturday morning.
For all other races, from 2pm on Saturday in the village; and of course, up to half an hour before the start of each Trail.

Attention: don’t forget to attach your bib number with its integrated chip on your front so that it is visible, and for runners in the 114km and 60km events please wear your security bracelet.

Coach transfers

This concerns participants in the 34km and 60km events; coaches leave Lillebonne for Tancarville from 6.45am to 8.20am at the latest on Sunday.
Attention: you cannot return to Tancarville once you have finished.